Little Monsters / The Architect / Perpetuum Mobile / A Northern Trilogy / Angels in the Architecture 12–14 MAY 2015 LINBURY STUDIO THEATRE


Northern Ballet, one of the UK’s leading touring companies, visits the Linbury Studio Theatre with a new mixed programme.



Winner of Best Company at the Taglioni European Ballet Awards and described as having ‘the best dance actors in the world’ (Dance Europe), Northern Ballet is highly acclaimed around the world. They return to the Linbury Studio Theatre with a new mixed programme after their sell-out run in 2014.

The programme includes Christopher Hampson’s Perpetuum Mobile which is set to Bach’s Violin Concerto in E Major. Hampson is currently the Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet and first created Perpetuum Mobile for English National Ballet. Argentinean choreographer Demis Volpi’s Little Monsters uses music by Elvis Presley. This pas de deux, originally created for dancers of the Stuttgart Ballet where Volpi is Resident Choreographer, won the Erik Bruhn Choreographic Prize in 2011.

Kenneth Tindall’s The Architect is based on the story of Adam and Eve. Premier Dancer with Northern Ballet and a rising choreographic star, Tindall was nominated for Best Young Choreographer at the 2014 Taglioni European Ballet Awards and has created work alongside Nick Mauss at Frieze London. Internationally acclaimed choreographer Mark Godden’s Angels in the Architecture is set to Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring and is inspired by the life and beliefs of the Shaker people. Completing the programme is former Royal Ballet dancer Jonathan Watkin’s A Northern Trilogy, created for Northern Ballet’s 45 anniversary gala. Danced to three Stanley Holloway monologues, includingThe Lion and Albert, the piece blurs the line between narrative events and abstract ideas.



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