Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

5–7 NOVEMBER 2015

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Will Todd’s charming opera for children comes to the Royal Opera House for the first time, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the book’s publication.

The Story

Alice is 11, and completely marvellous. She’s jolted from her boring school holidays by an encounter with a talking White Rabbit – who insists she follow him to a mysterious Wonderland…

Alice meets all kinds of peculiar characters, including an astoundingly relaxed Caterpillar and a grinning Cheshire Cat. She also learns that all is not well in Wonderland: the Queen of Hearts seems worryingly keen to chop off everyone’s heads. But the Queen is not as bad as she seems, and with peace restored, Alice finds herself back home. Was it really all just a dream?


Composer Will Todd and librettist Maggie Gottlieb created their family opera Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for Opera Holland Park in 2013. It was loved by audiences and critics alike – ‘one of the most charming, least condescending operas composed for children I have ever seen’ (John Allison, The Telegraph). The opera now moves inside for the first time as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of the first of Lewis Carroll’s beloved books.

The music for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a brilliantly eclectic mix of jazz, musical and opera – there’s the basso profondo Caterpillar’s rumbling ‘Wonderland Blues’, a countertenor Cheshire Cat, a coloratura diva Drink Me bottle and a furiously flustered pantomime dame of a Queen of Hearts. Gottlieb’s witty libretto moulds Carroll’s nonsense into a fun and engaging story that remains true to the original spirit of the book, and which will delight adults and children alike.



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